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We are excited to announce:

We now offer all of our online courses via the new FlexTraining V7 software platform. It will look quite different but will deliver the same capabilities you are accustomed to.
You will use the same login and password, and the same web address. You will have a more modern interface, but the new system will still provide a custom student menu.

Your New FlexTraining V7 Training Platform

Welcome to the new V7 training platform. The new system retains all your courses, data, and progress from all your previous training and completions. This new training platform uses what the technical folks call STYLES and BOOTSTRAP CLASSES to provide a better experience for you, our valued learners. Your login and password are not changed.
The menus, screens, and navigation have been modernized and enhanced. But the same concepts apply: A course contains Lessons and Tests, and a Lesson contains Learning Screens of various formats. The actual course content remains unchanged. So you wont have to re-enter anything.
Your course list and currently enrolled classes list are not changed by the new software release. If you are in the middle of an online class, you will continue from where you left off. All your training history and test activity will remain in the new V7 system, no data or progress will be lost.

Your Menu Access